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Full servicing facilities or property management services include a wide range of services provided by our company to the Customer. The list of services you can find on our site.

Outsourcing(from the English. Outsourcing: (outer-source-using) use an external source / resource) - transfer organization under contract certain business functions on the Process of manufacturing services to other companies, specializing in the relevant field. In contrast, service and support with a single, sporadic, random and bounded beginning and end, usually transmitted to outsource functions to professional support uninterrupted performance of individual systems and infrastructure based on an extended contract (not less than 1 year). Availability of business process outsourcing is a hallmark of various other forms of service delivery and customer service.

Although used exclusively referring to the former. The more clear term for this is offshoring, which one business consultant describes as “a company taking a function out of their business and relocating it to another country,”  whether the external country is physically offshore or not.

The company "Galichtorgservis" ready to provide services for the integrated service in comfortable conditions for you in either monthly fee and the "on-demand".