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Complete service facilities

The service includes a wide range of services provided by our customer. The list of services you can find on our site.

Outsourcing (from Eng outsourcing (external use) using an external source / resource) - transfer organization under contract certain business processes or production functions for maintenance to another company, specializing in the relevant field.

People who have extensive experience in the transfer functions, argue that the key to success is understanding what features to keep and which to conclude contracts with other companies. We offer a transfer of all non-core functions of your business to our comprehensive services with the aid of outsourcing.

Using external resources, knowledge and experience, an established infrastructure integrated services provider (outsourcer) makes it possible to obtain high-quality and economical viability of your business and allows you to focus on your core professional activities.

The main source of cost savings through outsourcing is to increase the efficiency of the whole enterprise and appearance features make relevant organizational, financial and human resources to develop new directions, or focus on existing ones, requiring attention.

5 Reasones, why people choose us

  • 1Complex service
  • 2All applications run quickly, accurately and efficiently
  • 3Operative reaction to any problem faced by the customer
  • 4Transparency and openness in the conduct of business
  • 5Through our services, the customer has the opportunity to focus on its main field of activity and not waste time on the infrastructure business processes

The company "Halichtorhservis" offers the comprehensive care of your premises in handy for you as a mode subscription fees and "Applications."