Small and current repairs of premises.


  • replacement of lamps - raster, point, other
  • replacement of fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, starters
  • replacement of ballasts, transformers
  • repair, replacement of sockets, switches
  • repair and installation of power networks domestic and technological power supply
  • recycling of fluorescent lamps

Small repair

  • adjustment of doors, door locks, hinges, handles, door closers
  • repair, replacement of locks
  • repair of furniture (tables, chairs, revolving chairs, cabinets, shelving, etc.)
  • movement, furniture layout in rooms
  • installation and placement of billboards, signs, pictures, diplomas, etc. indoors
  • septum (the strengthening of existing partitions, replacement of broken glass, etc.)
  • windows, doors and gates (replacing broken glass, installing door closers to external doors, repair and replacement of locks, replacement furniture)
  • internal plastering, painting works and cladding (repair plaster walls and ceiling, painting of premises)
  • implementation of the other current repairs of premises providing design solutions for customer repairs